The Most
Modern Technology

Technology of Vibra Slimmer is one of the famous used in fitness studio. Vibrating Plate, our most modern device, combine many different exercises.

Years of experience in designing different devices allowed us to create Vibra Slimmer adjustable for any customer of fitness studio.

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we make it realistic

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Training Results

  • Increase the blood circulation

    The movement of the body push also our lymph system for better blood circulation.

  • Burn calories

    Different frequency of vibrations help to burn as much calories as with regular training but in shorter time.

  • Strength of the muscle

    The technology used in Vibra Slimmer is well known by every customer who wants burn calories and make muscles stronger.

Key Features


Functionality of the design gives many opportunities to the customer to train exact part of the body with different combinations.

Innovative software

Software added to Vibra Slimmer gives a choice to make a professional, individual and therapy training.


Ergonomic shape and modern technologies inside are used to increase time of use.


Charitable vibrations from our Vibra Slimmer doesn’t occuse the brain system.