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Exercises in the water are one of the oldest methods on the therapy/fitness market. Aqua Slimmer is the most modern and unique device which combine together burning calories and therapy for people with problems with muscles. Hydrobiking for sure allows people to make exercises without using so much force on the muscles.

The newest possibilities of software, hydromassage and bike helps to get the best results without regular heavy training on the gym. Because we use only the newest models of the bike used in the water Aqua Slimmer is designed to satisfy needs of beginners and advanced users as well.

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Training Results

  • Increase the blood circulation

    14-16 jets of the hydromassage directed on the special areas activates better lymph circulation, blood circulation and helps to burn calories up to two times faster in just one session.

  • Impact on the skin

    Ozone which is additionally mixed with water molecules has a big impact on the skin for a person who uses Aqua Slimmer.

  • Strength of the muscle

    Possibility of changing the resistance in the bike is used to increase muscle demand for energy. Aqua Slimmer changes fat into muscles.

Key Features


Combination couple of elements in one device and proper observation of their impact on human body led to develop the device which can be used by professionals and the beginners.

Innovative software

Software added to Aqua Slimmer gives a choice to make a professional, individual and therapy training.


Pedaling in the water with the hydro-massage jets focused on the exact zones of the body helps to burn callories much faster and also the perception of efforts is decreased as well. Thanks to that the effects are better and faster than pedaling in air.


The technology used in Aqua Slimmer machine is the combination of the innovative method.