The Most
Advanced Localized Cryotherapy

Local Cryo Flow provides localized cryotherapy up to – 30°C without the need for liquid nitrogen, it is 100% electric. It is easy and quick to use, one session lasts from one to five minutes depending on the treated area.

Local Cryo Flow is equipped with a powerful compressor that cools the air quickly, saving you precious prepping time. It’s cryogenic container and hose keep the air colder than other machines on the market – even for longer periods of time.

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Localized Cryotherapy Results

  • Increase the blood circulation

    Blood circulation process ensures the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, and there is also removal of metabolic waste from the body.

  • Rehabilitation

    The Local Cryo Flow focused cold air by a special head which helps to use in the rehabilitation process.

  • Reduces pain

    It gives us the ability to help clients with acute injuries and chronic pain by directly applying cryotherapy to specific areas of the body.

Key Features


Combination couple of elements in one device and proper observation of their impact on human body led to develop the device which can be used by professionals and the beginners.

Innovative software

In our device you can find the solution how to connect training with the newest possibilities of software.


Many technologies in Local Cryo Flow machine used for many years are combined with innovative method as well. Thanks to that the effects are better and faster than before.

Modern design

Years of experience in designing different devices allowed us to create a capsule with the modern futuristic look, able to attract attention of every customer.