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Local Cryo Slimmer is one of the most modern and unique device used in the fitness, Spa and rehabilitation centers as well. With an ergonomic look and the possibility to get the temperature -120°C and -140°C we can achieve the state when the body starts to create the physiological reactions. That reaction means: stimulate the metabolizm, reduce the calories, anti-aging stimulation, reduce pain. Local Cryo Slimmer is designed to satisfy needs of all users in a very different fields of places. Software is made to use intuitively with the possibility of the manual and fixed programs.

On the base of our knowledge and experience we made a device which combines the best quality of material, functionality, ergonomic and safety of the sers and patients. Local Cryo Slimmer is designed to be used with an internal nitro chamber. The sensors inside the machine help to control the level of nitro but the most important thing is the sensor which inform the user about the temperature of the freezed surface.

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Cryo Results

  • Increase the blood circulation

    Blood circulation process ensures the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, and there is also removal of metabolic waste from the body.

  • Rehabilitation

    The Local Cryo focused nitro air by a special head which helps to use In the rehabilitation process.

  • Anti-aging

    The cold nitro air stimulates the cell connection which help to create an ati-aging process.

Key Features


Combination couple of elements in one device and proper observation of their impact on human body led to develop the device which can be used by professionals and the beginners.

Innovative software

In our device you can find the solution how to connect training with the newest possibilities of software.


Many technologies in Local Cryo Slimmer machine used for many years are combined with innovative method as well. Thanks to that the effects are better and faster than before.

Modern design

Years of experience in designing different devices allowed us to create a capsule with the modest futuristic look, able to attract attention of every customer.