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Never before any roll massage device had such a wide range of use. It can be used by professional athletes both to prepare their muscles for exercise and relax after exhausting workout. Supports rehabilitation processes, is used by people who practice fitness as well by those looking for relaxation after a busy day.

Roll Slimmer is the most modern roll massager on the fitnes and physiotherapy market. In our device You can combine the personal training with the regular shape building as well. The special chair and the position of the arms are used by people after the fitness training and also for somebody who has problems with muscles and need some special training. Just roll Your body for a good shape.

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Training Results

  • Increase the blood circulation

    Blood circulation process ensures the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, and there is also removal of metabolic waste from the body.

  • Loose the cellulite

    Two of the most common skin problems, particularly among older women, are the development of cellulite and loose skin.

  • Strength of the muscle

    The size of your muscle fibers and the ability of nerves to activate muscle fibers are related to muscle strength.

Key Features


Combination couple of elements in one device and proper observation of their impact on human body led to develop the device which can be used by professionals and the beginners.


Many technologies in roll slimmer machine used for many years are combined with innovative method as well.


Rollmassager in combination with: collagen lamp, infrared lamp, air ionization, chromotherapy helps to get better and faster effects than before.

Modern design

Ergonomc shape and the most modern technologies inside are used to increase time of use.