Body Slimmer Concept

is a producer of innovative slimming equipment for a long time.

We know very good that making sales without good service on time doesn't make long term exist nowadays

At the beginning we have started with a production of the cosmetic devices. This allowed us to find out a lot of information about the cosmetic market and opened the fitness market as well. We observed that these two cooperate together very close.

From the first day of our manufacture we were focused on two things:

  • Modern devices fixed to the expectations of our customers.
  • Service – during and post the warranty.

Modern devices from the Body Slimmer Concept are not only a nice shape and beautiful look. They are a solution which allow to increase maximally the efficiency of the workouts and to rejuvenate the body as well.

Our equipment is suitable for the professionalists and the beginners. Slimmer Line with a very unique software was created to make the full training using the whole body – Body Slimmer, the muscles – Vibra Slimmer, specialy for people with knee problems – Aqua Slimmer, lymph drainage and massage – Roll Slimmer, relax – Couch Slimmer.

Body Slimmer Concept wide product range shows how we are focused to be the most attractive for our Partners.

We believe in the way “win – win” – if You win we win with You together.

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Body Slimmer Concept is the most modern project around the world which allows our Partners to create the most sophisticated fitness studio. Let's join us and make something special for your customers.